Welcome back to the Center for the Arts! While the world has turned upside down, our love for the theatre remains the same. We're excited to finally reopen but are committed to providing a safe experience for all.

We have been busy with extensive research and collaboration with other performing arts centers and CDC guidelines, putting precautions into place to facilitate a safe, modified reopening.


Our primary goal is to keep our performers, technicians, volunteers, and YOU as safe as possible. We are confident that the precautions in place are responsible and exhaustive to protect the health of all. 

Thank you for staying CENTERED with the arts as we stay CENTERED on safety together.

Centered on safety


    There are currently 74 “Safe Seats” in the theatre, which are in pairs so that you may sit with your spouse, family member, or a friend who is in your “Covid Circle”. “Safe Seats” are clearly identified with “Safe Seat” labels. All seat pairs are a minimum of 6’ apart.


    We are following CDC guidelines for stringent disinfection with increased frequency and using approved disinfectant for Covid-19. Disinfectant includes seats, armrests, door handles, and restrooms. CFA is cleaned and sanitized prior to each event and our HVAC system is equipped with HEPA filters.


    Face coverings are required for patrons, employees, and volunteers in indoor spaces and required in outside areas where 6-foot distance cannot be maintained. Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the building and staff will monitor and encourage social distancing in the common areas.


    Concessions will be available with servers wearing sanitary gloves and masks. Fresh disposable cups are required for refills. Any snacks served will be in individually pre-sealed packaging.


    All tickets MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE. Please either print and bring your receipt to show the ushers or show them your receipt on your phone. We have waived the online convenience fees for tickets under $10. If you have any problems ordering online, please call 843-521-4145 for assistance. The box office will not be open for ticket sales.