summer camp 2020

Broadway bound camp

is cancelled

Dear Broadway Bound Parents,

With sadness, we are canceling Broadway Bound camp this summer. With the necessary date change and then the change to "Zoom", many have decided not to attend this year. The number of campers remaining was not enough to make the camp feasible. We completely understand and will be issuing refunds via check by mail. With so many still working from home, it may take 2-3 weeks to receive your check.

If you are 12-17, Theatrix Camp is still on and is still "in person". Theatrix Camp details are below!


We will miss those sweet faces and the laughter and fun...but look forward to next summer!

Please share Ms. Elizabeth's message below with your children.


My love and hugs go out to each and every one of you and while I am so sad that I will not see your smiling faces, experience your sweet dance moves, and hear your angelic voices, this too shall pass. Know that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and this is not “goodbye, just see you later” at our next BB, which will be the BEST EVER!

Keep shining!


Love, Ms. Elizabeth


is cancelled

Dear Theatrix Campers and Parents,


With sadness, we are canceling Theatrix camp this summer. With the COVID numbers climbing, we do not feel that we can safely conduct the camp this year.  I cannot express how sad this makes me.  I have always loved the incredible play Theatrix creates each year, but most of all, I will miss seeing you!   ​


We look forward to next year!  ​Stay Well!


Love, Ms. Bonnie

Director of USCB Center for the Arts 

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