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Fill the house campaign

Seat pEOPLE.jpg
Gatsby & Daisy

Created by our fabulous set designer, Greg Rawls and painted by the talented Mary Thibault of Thibault Gallery.

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In addition to our annual Donor Campaign (and because we are so very lonely without you), we've come up with a fun way to “fill the house" upon our re-opening to support the CFA.


We are “inviting” an interesting cast of characters to occupy our empty seats, and you could be one of them! These delightful individuals will assist us in marking seats reserved for social distancing, as well as providing a lovely diverse audience, a fuller house and a fun art exhibit!



You may request the genders and provide a general description of your “patrons” (hairstyle, hair/skin color, eye color) OR you may choose to allow the artist to be CREATIVE. There may even be a Picasso in the audience.


Audience members may be children or adults, and may be given in honor or in memory of someone special.

Your name(s), unless otherwise requested, will be included on the “patrons”. We will be calling on various local artists to paint and decorate our new audience members, or you can decorate yourself!


If you would like to become a special "patron" and support CFA, please complete the form and payment link below.


Deadline to order is September 30, 2020

Pair $500 or Single $300

Fill the house

patron form

Please complete the form below with your "patron" specifications and submit payment.

thank you for becoming a "Patron"
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