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Artistic Enchantment

Fiber & Fabric Creations

May 18 - July 16

at USCB Center for the Arts

Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm


The exhibit is Free and Open to the Public

(masks and social distancing are required)

Visit USCB Center for the Arts for our new art exhibit featuring enchanting fiber and fabric creations. Experience nature-inspired hooked rugs by Dot Schaphorst and unique quilts by Suzanne Aulds.

About the artists

Dot Schaphorst

My name is Dot Schaphorst and I am a proud Hooker.  I hook rugs out of wool.  I have a passion for hooking.  I dye most of the wool I use and create my own designs.  Nature is my inspiration from a gator sunning himself to our 22-year-old cat and a Carolina Wren hunting for a nesting spot, I'm excited to share a few of the rugs I have hooked over the years.

Suzanne Aulds

I am a North American artist who specializes in still life and landscape oil painting. Having been raised with an appreciation for nature and a love of beauty, my aim is to translate my unique aesthetic into my work. I am inspired by the natural world, as well as manmade objects, and by how the two may perfectly coexist. My goal is to offer you a point of view that will remind you of the wealth of beauty that surrounds us.